International Impact of Colonial Rule in Korea, 1910-1945

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Full title: International Impact of Colonial Rule in Korea, 1910-1945 / edited by Yong Chool Ha.
Other authors: Ha, Yong-ch'ul, 1948- (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • A devil appears in a different dress : imperial Japan's deceptive propaganda and rationalization for making Korea its colony / Hakjoon Kim
  • Establishing Japanese national identity and the "Chosen issue" / Sang Sook Jeon
  • Japanese propaganda in the United States from 1905 / Andre Schmid
  • The impact of the colonial situation on international perspectives in Korea : active imaginations, wishful strategies, and passive action / Yong Chool Ha and Jung Hwan Lee
  • Modern utopia or "animal society"? : the American imaginaries in wartime colonial Korea, 1931-1945 / Yumi Moon
  • The British and American perceptions of Korea during the colonial period / Daeyeol Ku
  • Russian perception of Koreans and the Japanese colonial regime in Korea during the first quarter of the twentieth century / Sergey O. Kurbanov
  • Chinese understandings of colonial Korea in modern times, 1910-1945 : observations and reflections / Kezhi Sun
  • Publicizing colonies : representations of "Korea" and "Koreans" in NIPPON / Naoko Shimazu.